happy jungle

Kenzo Jungle was the name of the first Kenzo boutique in Paris. Nature and flower, but the presented by Kenzo Jungle is a special, cyber-nature. It opens with airy mandarin, fresh cardamom, cumin and clove.

The heart unites ylang-ylang, licorice, mango and heliotrope, while the base wraps it all with patchouli, vanilla, amber and cashmere, which create intense and sensual trace.

The nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion.

I wrote a review for Kenzo Jungle relatively recently, but after wearing for nearly 3 weeks straight during a bout of frigid weather, wanted to share my newfound appreciation.

For me, the Elephant needs to be tamed to be enjoyed.

That means we need to make it sleepy -- put it in hibernation mode.

So the best weather for Kenzo Jungle is when it's cold, less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The colder the better, and snowy days are the best. It blooms best on the skin, so I spray it on my decolletage and underneath my hair on the back of my neck, and wear a cozy cashmere sweater on top.

The sillage is huge, so this helps me "trap" the scent a bit and keep it closer to me.

Third, the Elephant is a wild animal, and thus smells much more pleasant after a bath. otherwise the cumin note becomes super prominent and is easily mistaken for the scent of B. Thankfully, the cumin leaves pretty quickly when applied to clean skin.

I originally could not distinguish any of the fruity or floral notes in this perfume, and now I know why: it's not real fruit.

It smells very similar to the bubblegum scented bath bubbles I use for my son.