казино tdu 2

I've completed the game some time ago (November 2012, including DLC), but I've been trying to login to the game within the past few weeks only to find that I'm prompted with the following message:"The Test Drive Unlimited 2 server is not available at this time.

Please try again later."Has anyone heard of the Test Drive Unlimited 2 servers being permanently shut down?

I have a level 3 club and can help anyone with two of the club car achievements (when I have gold), but if the servers are down, I can't get anyone into the club.

All achievements that will require the Test Drive Unlimited 2 online servers are listed below.

Base game: Can confirm the servers are not working.

Logged onto the game with myself and a dummy account, both of which own the DLC for the game and it says before you even get into the campaign "The Test Drive Unlimited 2 Servers are not available. Unlike Test Drive Unlimited 1 though, you can't seem to pair up with people by looking for a Multiplayer Lobby Location and then meeting in that area, because the game Locks you out of any Multiplayer Lobbies due to the servers not being active.

So it looks like with the servers dead, you firmly cannot do any multiplayer at all on this game.

Whilst the servers are shutdown for Test Drive Unlimited 1, it is still possible for you to find someone in a Multiplayer Lobby and race towards the Ranked Wins to get those achievements out the way.

The game and it's DLC are still available digitally via Games On Demand & the XBox Live Marketplace respectfully. I thought the casino would work forever though, there's no reason you should need to be online to play the slot machines on your own, or access the clothes store (there's an achievement I never got round to getting)...

Finally, I've also found out I've been screwed over with this achievement, even though I own the DLC... Because with the DLC it gives you 73 Levels instead of 60, but in the Social (Multiplayer) category, that alone has a total of 17 Levels that go towards your Level 60. you actually need Xbox Live to play the casino offline? I just tried it and it says 'you need to be signed into Xbox Live in order to access extended content'. Yeah man wouldn't let me in at all fair to say I was shocked about that too.

I personally only managed to complete one of these objectives 1/17, so if I do end up finishing the campaign first and the multiplayer is still dead, the maximum level I can get to is 57/60. Can't seem to find anything about whether the servers will be back but upon discovering the company (Atari) apparently went into bankruptcy in 2013 I guess that could be a part of the reason why it's happened but I'm just guessing.

This is a shame because I ended up having 4 copies of the game. please share how tdu2 is working for you So I just bought this game again a few days ago after forgetting all about it when I got myself a 360 a few months ago. I have a gold membership and it just doesn't do anything multiplayer-wise.